Fairytale Retelling Reading Challenge 2015

The Daily Prophecy

This is another reading challenge I decided to take part on 2015. The idea behind it is to read fairytale retellings or other retellings on 2015. It is organized by The Daily Prophecy (click the picture to go to her blog) and there are several levels to aim for. I decided to aim for the level Magic Mirror which means that I need to read 5-9 retellings. I’ll be posting at the end of every month how my challenge is going and the books I have read so far.

Are you going to take part on the Fairytale Retelling Challenge? Or any other reading challenge? Tell me down on the comments!


2015 TBR Pile Reading Challenge


Today I wanted to share to you one of the goals/challenges I’ll be taking part 2015. Earlier this year I talked about how I wanted to start reading books that I own and buy less books, so I’ll be doing read 25, buy 1-challenge by myself. I also decided to take part on a TBR reading challenge organized by Bookish. It  will last the whole year and there are different levels that one can try to achieve. Also they’ll be organizing read-alongs and two giveaways during this challenge. If you are interested you can go here and sign up.

I decided to try to get to the level 31-40 Sweet Summer Fling which is a small amount out of the books that I own currently and are on my tbr-list. I’m not going to tell you the books that I’ll be reading for this challenge now, because that can change and also it would be very tedious list to read. I’ll be doing wrap up-posts of how this challenge is going at the end of every other month, just to tell you guys how many books I have read and how have I liked those. Also one rule I want to set to myself is that the books I count towards this challenge are all books that I have bought this year or before. So no books that I buy 2015 or library books will be counted towards this challenge.

Are you taking part on any reading challenge on 2015? Any challenges that I should know of? Tell me down on the comments!