Discussion: on reviews, my opinions

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There has been some debate around the booktube and twitter these past couple weeks. I f you aren’t aware about what has happened I’ll explain shortly. First Kathleen Hale published an article in the Guardian about how she stalked a blogger because of a one star review she gave her book in Goodreads. People, especially bloggers and booktubers, have talked how this is unacceptable and how some of them are now afraid to post review’s. About a week after that twitter exploded when couple pretty famous booktubers were discussing reviews and how, if your review isn’t critical, it’s worthless. There was lot of a debate around this, people tweeting and making videos which I think is good because these things need to be discussed.

First I want to say that it is unacceptable for an author to act that way. In Finland from the moment kids start to learn how to use computer they are taught that they shouldn’t give any real, personal information about yourself on internet. Because it is full of crazy people that might use that information against yourself and stalk you or even something worse. I thought that this was how most of people acted, to ensure their own safety.

The other thing I wanted to say is that you shouldn’t stop posting reviews of books because of other people. It’s not for other people to decide what you say in reviews or how you say it. I myself try to give more critical reviews from now on but that doesn’t mean that you should start doing it that way.

There has been many great videos about both of these things and many great things has been said. I don’t know if I can give anything new to the discussion but I wanted to share my opinions too. Even though I am really new at book blogging, I want to be true to myself and give honest reviews here. The idea behind this blog was after all give critical reviews on the books I have read as well as to use my English skills. I can understand that it’s easier to go with the ‘pack mentality’ especially if it’s something that everyone else has liked. I have done that too some times. From now on I’ll try more to be honest about how I feel about books I read/ series I watch.