I’m sorry, gentle readers, for this post to so late. I didn’t know what to post today, even though I have too many reviews to write, tags I want to do and so on and decided to spend my day binge watching Carmilla. So, after I watched the whole season 1 and the extras, I decided to share this awesomeness to you, my gentle readers.

Carmilla is a Youtube-series based on the gothic novel by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. It’s told in a form of a vlog that Laura, college student, keeps to find out what happened to the girls that keep disappearing at her University. Also she gets a new irritating roommate Carmilla.

I had heard about this series on twitter, but decided that I read the novel before I watch the series. And I actually started reading it, but then I got distracted. Today while I was reading blog posts, I found this post from Musing’s From Neville’s Navel and decided to give the series try. And somehow watched the whole first season.

So watch this trailer and then go their Youtube-channel and watch the whole season as I did!

Ps. I just read that there’s going to be second season! How awesome that is!?