Some sort of an book buying ban

sakura japan

I feel like everybody is going or is on some kind of a book buying ban. I decided to have one at the beginning of next year. The beginning of next year because i have my birthday in November and then there’s Christmas so I want to be able to buy some books then. At the beginning of January I start if not an book buying ban, at least a book buying limit. Rules of the limit are:

1. I can buy 1 book after I have read 25 books from my tbr-pile

This is to make sure that I actually read books from my tbr-pile. There are some restrictions though. I do not count rereads or library books towards to book count so that way I just can’t go and borrow books from my library (as I have done now).

2. I can’t just go and borrow all the books from the library

I decided that to keep me reading my own books I can’t really borrow a lot of books from the library. So I can borrow books that are on hold for me or if they are part of the series I am reading.

3. This will last till I have read at least most of the books I own. 

Hopefully I do not give up too soon on this because I have lots of interesting books waiting to be read. I’ll also post regular updates on how many books I have read. Would you be interested in how many books I actually own that are on my tbr-pile? I could do a small post about that before the end of this year.

Are you going on a book buying ban/limit? How do you do it? Please leave me comments down below. ūüôā