2015 Bookish/ Blog Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had fun New Years eve and a great start for the new year. After sharing with you my feelings of the last year and the books I read yesterday, I decided that today would be good day to share my bookish and bloggish goals/resolutions for 2015.


Goodreads Reading Goal: 

On 2014 I read over 130 books but I don’t want to stress myself out with this so I decided to set it in 100 books this year. If I complete this goal before the end of the year, I might up it again but for now I keep it in the 100 books.

Reading Goals: 

1. Try to read 1 non-fiction book every month. This is the area on my reading that I feel I am really lacking and hopefully will do better in 2015. Do you have any recommendations of non-fiction books that I should read? I would really appreciate it if you shared them down on the comments!

2. Finish 7 series. I have started many great series in the past but unfortunately haven’t finished so many. This I try to change in 2015 by finishing at least 7 series that I am currently reading.

3. Participate on buddy reads/read-along’s. I had so much fun last year, participating on different read-along’s and I want to continue taking part on them on 2015. I also want to do some buddy reads because they seem to be a lots of fun!

4. Keep better track on the books I have read. I really want to see how my reading changes through time and if there’s something that I should change/add, so I’ll hopefully be updating an excel-sheet with all the books that I have read on 2015. That way I can do awesome looking graphs to share here too!

5. Participate on Bookriot’s Read Harder-challenge. I saw couple people talking about this challenge and decided to take part too. There’s 24 challenges to do in 2015, like read a book that was written when the writer was under 25-years-old or when he was over 65 years. This hopefully helps to diversify my reading a little bit in the upcoming year.


Blog Goals: 

1. Write 1 discussion post every month. I really enjoy reading other people’s discussion posts and want to have something else than reviews and tags on my blog too so I’ll be trying to write a discussion post every month. If there’s any special topics you would be interested to see, tell me!

2. Write 3 posts every week. I’m on my last years of my school so I don’t know how much time I always have for writing posts here but I decided to aim for at least 3 posts a week. There might be more on some weeks because I have so much things that I want to share here.

3. Try to write reviews for all the books that I read. This is the one that I might have struggles with. Sometimes I just forgot that I haven’t written a review for a particular book or it takes too much time and I can’t remember it well enough any more. I try to change this and keep notes on the books that I read and write the reviews within the week I finish the book.

4. Be more active on the bookish community. I really want to get to know people better on the bookish community so I try to be more active on twitter and on commenting other people’s blog posts.

These are my 2015 bookish and blog resolutions. What goals or resolutions do you have for 2015? Tell me down on the comments!