Library Haul #1

This week I moved to my mother’s because I got a job for the next month near her. Because of this I decided to go to a library because my mom lives so far away from it. I actually went twice on a one day there because the book I was having on hold came later on the same day.

Library Haul
Library Haul

I mostly borrowed Finnish books because I really want to start reading those too. I feel that I’ve been ignoring my own country’s literature for far too long because of all the YA other countries publish. I’m not saying that those YA-titles are bad, but I think I should know more about books that are published in Finland.

The Demon King
The Demon King

The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima was the book that I had on hold and which came couple hours after I had gotten the other books from the library. I can’t wait to read this because of everybody seems to love this series. I don’t know much about what happens on this but from what I read from the back cover it seems really interesting beginning of the series.

Have you read any of these books? Which should I start with? Let’s talk on the comments!


Bookish Bingo

One day I was on Twitter as usual when I came across a tweer about bookish bingo. I followed the link back to Pretty Deadly and learnt that it was Bekka’s challenge that she organized every season. It seemed such a fun idea that I decided to take part on it.

I’ll be keeping track here how I am doing on this challenge by reviewing every book that I want to take part on this. Also I might do some kind of wrap up-post every month.

Are you taking part on bookish bingo? Any recommendations on the books I should read for this? Let’s talk down on the comments!