Weekly Wrap Up 30.08.15

Weekly Wrap Up
Weekly Wrap Up

I was little bit hoping that today I could tell you guys that I’ve read both Moby Dick and Game of Thrones this week but that didn’t happen. I’m about 40% through with Moby Dick and 30% through with Game of Thrones. I am enjoying both, but some times I just feel that Herman Melville described too much things, like the whole chapter on whiteness. Hopefully I can finish them both next week because the week after that is #BookBuddyAThon that I am taking part in.

I actually finished two audio books this week! The first one was Armada by Ernest Cline and the second one was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Both of them were 3 star books for me. I’ll be posting a review of both of them some time in the future. I also read bunch of comics one day, Lumberjanes, Blue Is the Warmest Color and Bee and Puppycat. These I actually read from Scribd. Scribd is described as a netflix for books because it has graphic novels, ebooks and audio books and you can read as many as you want for a small monthly price*. I got two months free starter there so I decided to try it out and at the moment I am really liking it. I also started reading For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreud and I am about 8% through it.

How was your week? Do you have Scribd? Let’s talk down on the comments!

*This actually changed so that you get 1 credit per month that you can use to listen 1 audiobook.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 30.08.15

  1. I just finished A Game of Thrones. It was fantastic and I highly recommend that you push through and finish it soon. It’s well worth the effort ūüôā

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    • Yes, hopefully I can finish it before the end of this week. It just feels that I read slower because it’s such a gigantic book. Still I am really enjoying it too. ūüôā


  2. Yay for Game of Thrones! I read that one a few months ago … it was great. You must be a pretty fast reader to get through those big beasts so quickly! I’m not sure I have any desire to read Moby Dick … they have a baby primer version. Maybe that one I would. lol



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