Bout of Books 14 Wrap Up

Hi everyone! Bout of Books 14 ended yesterday and I’m little bit sad about it. I have so much fun every time and I didn’t want it to end this time either. Luckily they’ll be organizing next Bout of Books on January next year and there definitely be other read-a-thons before that to participate in. If you know any fun read-a-thons, recommend them down below!

Bout Of Books: I read pile.
Bout Of Books: my read pile

Little statistic of my Bout of Books:

~ 14 books started, 11 books finished
~ 4 graphic novels, 4 mangas, 5 books, 1 audiobook
~ 2459 pages read
~ 6h 51min listened
~ numerous cups of coffee drank

I started reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville on Saturday and A Game of Thrones by G.R.R. Martin on Sunday and because they are both massive books, I didn’t finish them before the end of Bout of Books. Also I’ve been listening to Armada by Ernest Cline throughout the week and get half through it. I’ll be hopefully posting some kind of reviews of these books I read last week here on the blog.

I’m pretty impressed when I look at this numbers. Before Bout of Books started I was in a serious reading slump and it seems that participating on a read-a-thon helped me get over it. Also it made me start a booktube-channel! At the moment I’m doing them in Finnish but if you would be interested I could try doing a video on English too. I’m just little bit conscious of my accent because I’m not native English speaker.

How was your Bout of Books? Leave links to your blogs/youtube channels down below on the comments so I can visit them!


3 thoughts on “Bout of Books 14 Wrap Up

  1. Wow 11 books! Im amazed! ūüôā If you want to do some english videos, don’t worry about your accent. Most english speakers think that accents are pretty. I love accents. ūüôā Have a good week.

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  2. Woah 11 books that absolutely amazing! I also started Moby dick but didn’t get that far either! Looking forward to seeing the reviews for these books! Have a great day!

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