I decided to do a quick update here to tell you guys how my Bout of Books has gone so far. I’ve actually read lot more than I thought I would, right now I have finished 2 books, 3 graphic novels and 3 mangas. Before Bout of Books I’ve been in sort of an reading slump or not in mood to read at all. That’s also the one of the biggest reasons it has been so quiet here because I didn’t know what to post.


As Bout of Books started I also found my inspiration to read. It also helped that I had been listening to Felicia Day’s new book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost), last week and started reading The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch which is absolute perfection! Also seeing other people enjoying reading and talking with them on twitter made me glad that I finally picked up a book.

So what did I do in the beginning of Bout of Books except read? I participated on twitter chat which was so much fun! I wasn’t going to participate on it first because it was 4 a.m. in my timezone and I like my sleep very much.  Then The Republic of Thieves happened. I finished it at 2 a.m. and decided to stay awake for the twitter chat and boy, I’m glad I did! It was so much fun and the hour went so quickly! I’m so taking part on the chat on Saturday too!

mash game

I also took part on the 1st and 3rd challenges of the week. I enjoyed both of them lot, especially the MASH game yesterday because I hadn’t played it before. The Fictional World Traveling was more of a challenge because I don’t have that many with me where I currently live.

That’s how my first half of Bout of Books has gone. How’s your Bout of Books experience so far? Let’s talk down on the comments!



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