Saturday Trailers |Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

saturday trailers Happy New Year everyone! I hope that your beginning of the year has been great! I have been mostly watching Friends on Netflix and reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt these couple last days. I’m really enjoying the book but it’s been long time since that I have read such a long book so it makes me feel like I am a slow reader. ( ;*△*; )

Today I wanted to share with you the trailer for Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter. I saw it for the first time couple months ago and was struck how bizarre it seemed to be. I decided to read the synopsis of the movie and it made me really interested on seeing this one. Partly it might be that it gives a Murakami like a feeling to me at least. Unfortunately they are not going to show it in Finland so I have to see it some other way.

What movies do you want to see in 2015? Comment down below!


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