The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

C360_2014-12-14-14-02-43-748The Hero of Ages
By Brandon Sanderson
Published 2008 by Tor books
5 stars

I try not to spoil this book here but there might be some spoilers for the previous novels.

This book. THIS BOOK. I loved it all the way through, couldn’t let it go and still over a week after finishing it I feel little bit hangover by it, not really certain of what to write. This was definitely my favorite book in the trilogy because all the moments we could see happening between Vin and Elend, how Sazed is dealing with all the things that happened to him and all the other characters that we get to see in this book.

I’m still broken over the ending. I can’t say much about it without giving away something but I say that it was epic. The whole time I was reading the last chapters I was on my toes, crying about it. I actually little bit spoiled myself about the ending, I wanted to see how many chapters I had left and by a mistake read what happened to Vin.

I love this series and all the characters and I really want to go back and read the series again. Luckily the fourth book in the series,The Alloy of Law, is out already and I hopefully read it before the end of this year. I didn’t find a book trailer for this book but I found some videos on the series and the video below displays artworks inspired by the trilogy.

Have you read Mistborn-trilogy? What are your thoughts in it? Please, share your thoughts down on the comments.


One thought on “The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

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