Top 10 New To Me Authors 2014


When I saw the topic for this week, I thought that I wouldn’t (couldn’t) do it. I have read over 100 books this year but when I was thinking the authors I felt that I didn’t have that many new authors. Then as I was reading other people’s posts today of this topic, I got inspired and decided to check my Goodreads and was positively surprised how many new authors I have read this year. So, here’s my Top 10 new to me authors from 2014.

1. Brandon Sanderson: I just last night actually finished his Mistborn-trilogy and I’m still in the middle of all those feelings. His definitely my favorite new author this year and I can’t wait to read more of his works!

2. Emily St. John Mandel: I have only read her Station Eleven- book, but I loved it. It one of my favorite books of this year and she definitely deserves her place on this list. I will definitely check out her other books in the coming months.

3. David Levithan: I don’t know why I hadn’t read any of his books before. I read Every Day some time ago and fell in love with the characters and the story. I loved his writing style and will be reading his books too in the future.

4. Marissa Meyer: I actually hadn’t heard of her books before I started watching booktube. I got her books from the library and couldn’t put them down while I was reading them. My favorite definitely is Scarlet and I can’t wait to read the final book in the series!

5. Brian K. Vaughan: He’s actually a comic book writer but I feel he deserves a place on this list because Saga is the graphic novel that literally sucked me reading graphic novels and comic books. I just love it and I need to read his other works too


6. Catherynne M. Valente: I read her book, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making while I was in Japan and it was such a cute story! I really need to read the other books in the series and her other work too.

7. Salla Simukka: She’s a Finnish YA author. I read her Snow White – trilogy and it was good and she’s at the moment one of my favorite Finnish authors. Her books are actually being translated in English so you should check them out. The reason I actually started her trilogy was because it’s based on the city I am currently living in.

8. Neil Gaiman: He’s one of those authors that I have been meaning to read books but it just never happened. Finally this year I read Coraline and was swept away by his writing. I’ll definitely read more of his work next year!

9. Deborah Harkness: I have actually read only her first book in the All Souls – trilogy. I loved it and I was meaning to pick up the next one but I just never did. I’ll be correcting this next year and hopefully I finish her trilogy.

10. G. Willow Wilson: I read her book, Alif the Unseen and liked it. Still what really got me liking her writing style was the new Ms. Marvel which she is the writer of. That’s one of my favorite graphic novels and can’t wait to read what happens next in it!

Here’s my top 10 new to me authors. Have you read books by any of them? What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment down below.


10 thoughts on “Top 10 New To Me Authors 2014

  1. Love that you put the author photos in this post! Sadly I only recognised Neil Gaimen, although I’ve read or been meaning to read a lot of these authors.

    I loved Alif the Unseen but haven’t read her Ms. Marvel stuff. I’ve heard lots about it though – am quite curious!



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