Blogmas 2014

How is it already December? I still feel like i only just got back from Japan but it has been already months! Can’t really believe how fast time flies.

christmas tree lightsThis month I decided to do something little bit different. I’ll be posting hopefully every day here! I’ll be doing reviews, tags and favorite posts the whole month. I have so many posts already planned but if you have some post ideas you would like me to do, tell me on the comments!

Today I wanted to tell you my favorite Christmas memory. I was already a teenager but my smallest little sister still believed in the Santa Claus. In Finland Santa comes on the Christmas eve when every one is still awake and gives us presents and we can open then while he’s watching.

We spent that Christmas eve like all the other Christmas eve’s, we watched Christmas shows from the tv, ate food and waited for the time that Santa would come. Especially my little sister waited frantically because she wanted to open her presents. Finally Santa comes and my little sister becomes extremely shy, she hides behind us and doesn’t want to talk to Santa. Finally she sits a while on Santa’s lap but opens her presents only after he has left.

After that she comes to me and asks who the Santa was. Of course I don’t tell her that it was the neighbor dressed as Santa and she was still small enough to think that it was real Santa bringing her presents.

What is your favorite Christmas memories?


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