Mockingjay Part 1 – Movie Review

I went to see Mockingjay Part 1 with my boyfriend last Friday. I was really excited for it because it was one of my favorite book series, even though I didn’t like the last one that much. I actually reread it with Carpe Librum – book club and it was nice. My boyfriend hasn’t read any of the books but he enjoyed watching the two first films with me and decided to come with me to see the third one.

After the movie I was so amazed with it. I think it was because of all the feelings it raised when I watched it but now when I think back I still think it was good but not as great as the two first films. I just feel that it could have been made in one part and not in two. Now the movie felt too prolonged in parts.

The good thing that came from the last book being in two parts was that they could give more time to develop the characters. In the book I didn’t really feel anything for the leader of the district 13, Coin but in the movie they gave more time to her develop her character and really see her in action. Still in the book there were some things that made Katniss dislike Coin when in the movie I couldn’t really see that happening.

Gale also got more time on screen. It felt that the director wanted Gale to be seen still as a candidate for Katniss’ love but also to contrast how much Katniss actually cares for Peeta. I liked how we could actually see finally Gale’s character but at the same time I feel that it’s too late for them to try and build a love triangle around them. I hope that it doesn’t go to that.

Saddest I am actually for how little we got Prim. In the books she has been the driving force after Peeta, Katniss did all this to save her and I think she should have been given a bigger role.

mockingjay part 1 Katniss

The thing that made me emotional in the movie theater and still afterwards while thinking it, is the superb acting of Jennifer Lawrence. All the things and feelings that Katniss felt, Jennifer portrayed so realistically and well. My favorite parts in the movie are all moments of Katniss, the beginning when she was telling her truths, the moment she sang Hanging Tree, as she blew the enemy hovercrafts down with an arrow and declared to President Snow that “if we burn, you burn with us!” Other actors did very well too but I was most touched by Katniss.

I am hoping that the last film gives the series a good ending. Have you seen Mockingjay Part 1? What are your thoughts in it? Tell me down in the comments!



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