Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Sharp ObjectsSharp Objects
By: Gillian Flynn
Published 2007 by Phoenix
3 stars

This book was definitely an adult book. It contains alcohol, drugs and sex. So be warned if those aren’t your thing. Sharp Objects is about Camille whose little sister died when she was younger. As soon as she could Camille escaped her home and started a new life. Still she is tormented by her past and tries to drown it in the booze. Then she gets an assignment to go and report kidnapping and murders of two small girls from her home town. There as she struggles with the solving of the murders and with her distant mother and half sister, she has to confront her own past.

This book was interesting. There were so many things that I felt uncomfortable with, e.g. how much Camille drank alcohol, using drugs, the way the teenagers acted… All these things and still I found this book interesting. I would have liked there to be more of Camille’s past and her little sister, now they were really short glimpses and I couldn’t really connect. I knew that Camille’s past isn’t good but we got so little information about what happened then that I just didn’t care that much about her tragedies.

The characters were all unlikable. It felt that Gillian Flynn wrote them like you only saw the bad sides of them, the things people actually try to hide from others. This was an interesting solution but as such I couldn’t really root for anyone.

All in all, the book was interesting but I felt that something was missing. Might be that I just didn’t like any of the characters or something else I am not really sure. The ending was unexpected and sad, I would have liked that something good would have happened to Camille because of all the tragedies in her life.

Have you read Sharp Objects? What are your thoughts on it? Please tell me on the comments!



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