The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner
By: James Dashner
Published by Chicken House, 2011
5 stars

The only thing that Thomas can remember is his name. When he wakes up he finds himself surrounded by stone walls and boys he doesn’t know. Soon he realizes that nobody really knows why they are there and what is the maze behind the stone walls. No one has ever escaped the Glade. The day Thomas arrives to the Glade weird things start to happen and everything changes.

I really liked the Maze Runner. It was fast paced and even though the chapters short, it didn’t ruin the reading experience for me. I feel like the chapters were little bit too short at some points, basically you could have combined couple of the chapters together and still it would have been the same for me at least. Still that didn’t bother me so much after I really got into reading this book and I read it almost in one sitting. It was so cleverly written that I had to keep reading or otherwise it would bother me what was going to happen next till I picked the book again.

From the moment we set foot into this world we don’t know much about what’s happening, who are these kids and why are they in this Glade as they call it. We learn slowly at the same pace as the main character, Thomas, of what’s going on and actually there isn’t that much explanation. As the characters themselves say, they don’t know what’s happening and why they are there even though some of them had been there for two years.

There were many characters and my favorites were Newt and Minho. I just loved their personalities and how they talked and they were just awesome. I felt that they were more real to me than the other characters like Thomas or Teresa. Especially Teresa was really vague, I don’t was it because she was most of the book in a coma or what but I just didn’t connect to her at all. Also the telepathy thing between Thomas and Teresa was bit weird and I think if that would have happened to me I would be more weirded out than Thomas and also try see if it worked with others. 

Also it felt a bit too easy for Thomas to just come there and solve everything. Like he was basically there a week and then they got out.That felt a bit rushed out. I know that Thomas and Teresa should be like these really smart kids and that’s why it’s so easy for Thomas but the others had been there for two years and no one never thought of looking at the sections together, not separately? Especially when the all the kids were supposed to be pretty smart it feels weird that no one else thought this.

All in all, I really liked this book, it swept me along and kept me reading it till the end. Now I really want to see the movie (also I checked out the actors finally and they cast these totally cute guys to play Minho and Newt :3) and read the rest of the series. I don’t know when I will read the next one because I have too many library books at the moment to read but hopefully soon.

What did you think about the book? Have you seen the movie, was it as good as the book? Please tell me on the comments your thoughts and I see you on my next post!



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