Gone Girl – Movie Review


First time I heard about the Gone Girl – movie I was in Japan. I hadn’t read the book yet even though it had been in my tbr-pile for a while. Prompted by this news of a movie coming out I decided to read the book. What I remember of it now, almost half a year after is that it was a really great read. I don’t remember much from the book other than the plot and the style it was written. The chapters alternate between Nick’s perspective when he finds his wife, Amy, gone and the diary that Amy wrote. When I began to read the book I knew there was some major plot twist but I didn’t know what it was. It took me by a surprise and the ending was really the part that got me enjoying the book.

So, I was really excited last week when I went to see the movie. I had seen one trailer before and decided based on that that it was worth the time to go and see the movie in the theaters. I loved the movie. Rosamund Pike who was the main female actor was fabulous! She really understood Amy from the book and made it look like that she had just jumped out of the book. Ben Affleck was also good as the husband Nick but Rosamund Pike was really the one who made the movie so enjoyable.

It seems to me that they didn’t change the plot from the book when they were making the movie. As I watching the movie it somehow felt like I was rereading the book because I remember all the things that happen but now I could see the mystery unfold in front of me and not trying to imagine everything that happens. There might be some minor things that they left out from the movie but I think they got all the important things from the book.

One thing that surprised me was that they kept the ending. I heard some rumours that they might change it because it’s not a happy ending per se. I am glad that they decided to keep the book’s ending because some other ending that might be lighter and happier might have felt wrong.

After watching the movie I felt that I should read the book again so I could write more in-depth analysis of them both. That might happen in the future when the Gone Girl – movie comes out on dvd. Hopefully you liked this review of the Gone Girl and please tell your comments about the movie and the book down below.



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