Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men
by: John Steinbeck
Published 2006 by Penguin Classics
3 stars

Of Mice and Men is rather short book, only 120 pages. It’s based on California where two drifters, George and Lennie try to get enough money to buy place of their own and live the American Dream. Lennie is like a child, gentle giant but he doesn’t know his own strength which gets him into trouble often. George takes care of him and protects him from all the harm.

This was a really quick read, it took only couple hours for me to read it. Still it stayed for a much longer time in my mind because I tried to wrap my mind around it. It’s a nice, short novel of two guys, trying to get enough money to buy their own place where they can live independently. Many people question Lennie’s and George’s friendship because it was so rare to see two men travel together on those days. Their new boss even thinks that George is cheating on Lennie, taking all of his money because he is dumb enough to not notice that. It is never clearly enough told how these two men know each other, but you can see that George truly cares about Lennie and really wants to make their dream come true. Even though he says that he would be happier without Lennie when he is mad at him, I don’t think so, He was truly sorry that he lost Lennie at the end.

Right after I read Of Mice and Men, my first thought was that this is it. This is the book that I had so much great things about, which is praised to be one of the greatest novels? Then I started to think about it more and realized how good job Steinbeck did in so short of a book. I had become attached to the characters and felt sad about the end. Mostly it was the end that hooked me up in this book because I really thought that their dream come true and then it all ended so shortly.

This wasn’t one of the best books that I have read, but I think this was great introduction to Steinbeck’s writings and I will read more  from him in the future. Do you like Steinbeck’s books? Which one is your favorite? Please tell me about them in the comments and if there some other book I should read, tell me that too.



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